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EDC Las Vegas From 2012 To 2019 In My Experience

EDC Las Vegas has been a festival that tends to be considered as a staple. For myself, I have been going to EDC Las Vegas for many years and it has been better and better every year. I will be talking about some of the issues I saw and I will also talk about how Pasquale (CEO of Insomniac) resolved those issues. In 2012, there was a high wind warning and they had to cancel one of the days of EDC, but they refunded everyone for 1 day's worth of money. Things happen and it's always important that the festival refunds the attendees their money, otherwise, less people will attend in the upcoming years. In 2015, most of the attendees paid for a shuttle pass back to the Las Vegas strip from the venue. For some reason, shuttles were breaking down, AC wasn't working in the shuttles... it is 115 degrees in Vegas and people are dying from the heat. After the festival, I headed to the shuttle line and I spent 5 hours waiting for the shuttle, no shade, no water, and my legs were dead. By the time I got to the hotel, my squad was getting ready for the next day... you can see my frustration. The following year, Pasquale added security checks at the shuttle stops to make the lines faster at the festival, he contracted a more efficient shuttle service, and he also added camping so people don't have to deal with transportation if they don't want to. At the beginning when he started the camping option, people were waiting over 4 hours to park their car at the camping parking lot and the lines to shower were so long, people were waiting hours for a chance to shower. In 2019, there was a faster flow of traffic for parking and the showers aren't an issue since you wont wait more than 5 minutes. Overall, EDC Las Vegas is one of my favorite festivals, the CEO hears what we have to say and resolves those issues, there a reason I keep coming back. To add, the lineup has been amazing every year, which includes every EDM genre, sometimes it has a few artists that aren't EDM, such as, Post Malone and A$AP Rocky



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